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Grades 3-10


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Offers programming focused courses at your school, Community Center, and other Pop Up locations.

Coding Camps

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During school closures and Holidays.

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Workshops, Hackathons, Robotics Events, Tech Tours, Special Events, and more.


iCanCode Mission

iCanCode’s mission is to jump-start lower and middle school kids digital literacy and afford our youth in the Rochester community the opportunity to unlock their tech future and learn about computing in a fun digital sandbox.

iCanCode Story

In 2013, my 1st grade son asked me to teach him how to make a game. A few hours later, he created his first game “Cupcake Eating Gorilla” and became my inspiration to provide younger kids in the Rochester community a fun environment to learn how to code. All technology is governed by code and is the soul of every electronic device our kids interact with, now, not only can they play games and install apps, they can also learn how to code and make their own!

About the Program

iCanCode is an after-school community hub for lower and middle school kids Grades 3-10 where they can participate in various computer science based activities using fun aspects of programming and technology tools. Our curriculum is designed to help students unlock their inner Tech Whiz and develop logical thinking and problem solving skills that last a lifetime Learn more about our Program Offerings.

      Learn How to Write Code
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          Coding isn't that hard, even kids can learn!
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              Kids can Code too!
              It might look challenging,
              but broken down, it's pretty simple.

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