Academic Year Program

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What We Teach

•We teach 21st Century skills needed to succeed in this innovative economy using MIT’s Scratch block based programming in addition to JAVA, Minecraft, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Unity C#, 3d Modeling, Arduino and VEX Robotics.
•Students learn by Doing! Students learn programming by creating their own interactive stories, games, animations, apps, websites, and by building their own Robots
•Students follow a project based curriculum using a combination of instructor-led and self-guided formats based on skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
•Students are assigned to a coding mentor to ensure student continues to progress into more advanced coding platforms More About Curriculum

How it Works

• Weekly classes
• Trained Coding Instructors
• Progress reports and prizes
• School portal, Online curriculum and Remote access from Home
• Grades 3-10
• Low student to teacher ratio
• Free participation in Special Events, Robotics Events, Tech Tours, Hack Sessions, Expert Series, and Club Hackathons.
• If students miss a class, they can make it up any day of the month based on availability (reservation required).
• Cool iCanCode Club T-Shirt when your child joins!
• Can start classes anytime! Schedule your Free Trial TODAY!

Schools and Clubs

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Offers programming focused courses at your school, Community Center, and other Pop Up locations.

Coding Camps

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During school closures and Holidays.

Workshops & Events

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Workshops, Hackathons, Robotics Events, Tech Tours, Special Events, and more.

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