Coding Camps Program

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At iCanCode camps, student learn Cool 21st century programming skills the fun way and enjoy a fun tech experience combined with unplugged activities.

Campers build their own custom games and Websites while experiencing different coding platforms that incorporate math, physics, art and music, while enhancing their logical thinking and problem solving skills. Campers work on custom lesson plans based on age, interest and skill level with qualified coding instructors. Coding platforms include but not limited to SCRATCH INTERACTIVE GAMES & STORIES • Game Design in JAVASCRIPT • JAVA • UNITY 3D • ROBLOX PROGRAMMING in LUA • MINECRAFT MODDING in JAVA • ANIMATIONS• WEB DEVELOPMENT• HTML• CSS• VEX & ARDUINO ROBOTICS

Camp Schedules

During school closures and holidays: Full day camps available for everyone, members and non-members.

New Schedule Coming April 2022!.

Schools and Clubs

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Offers programming focused courses at your school, Community Center, and other Pop Up locations.

Coding Camps

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During school closures and Holidays.

Workshops & Events

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Workshops, Hackathons, Robotics Events, Tech Tours, Special Events, and more.

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